Lenovo vs HP laptops, Which is best. (1)

Lenovo vs HP laptops, which is best

Each generation computer has been introduced to increase the quality of performance and decrease the size. Fourth generation computers come in the "Desktop" form. Now Desktop with a CPU, keyboard, mouse- this takes a lot of space and not mobile enough. So "Laptop" is introduced to save the trouble. There are many brands which are good in making laptops. Out of all these, HP and Lenovo laptops are competitor of each other. You should be wondering about which brand to choose. Here I will discuss about these two brands. Let’s see about HP and then Lenovo laptops. HP company is older, so let’s start with this company first.


HP or Hewlett Packard is an American company, founded in Palo Alto, California in 1939. They have exhibited their talents in the market of desktop, smart phone, printers, Pocket PC, Note book and Laptops. With innovative designs, quality components and service, HP has become one of the best in Laptop manufacturing.

  1. Design:
  • HP laptops come with great designs. HP uses all-metal casing, made of carbon fiber and aluminum, to make the devices long lasting, and stronger than plastic casing. Models are available in Blue, Gray, Black, White etc. HP Specter is a very stylish model offered by HP. Although HP does not offer huge range of colors as Lenovo does.
  • When it comes to Business laptops, HP does not offer so many great revolutionary designs.
  • But HP does stand out in design when it comes to 2-in-1 laptops. They have developed the super portable Specter x360. The clever design, with great performance and battery life (3 or 4 cell), helps user to use it both as laptop and tablet. These have larger screen to give extra flexibility to users who want bigger canvas.
  1. Monitor Display: HP laptops come with great monitor screen with high resolution HD screens. It makes the science looks crystal clear.
  2. Variety of models:
  • HP laptops come in traditional, gaming, workstation, premium— so many forms.
  • Gaming laptops: HP Pavilion Core i5 (8 GB, 1 TB HDD, Windows 10, 15.6 inch, 1.9 Kg); HP Omen Core i5 (8 GB / 1TB HDD/ 256 GB, 15.6 inch, 2.38 Kg); HP Pavilion Core i7 etc.
  • Workstation: HP ZBOOK ×2 (detachable, pc1, remarkable performance and versatility); ZBOOK STUDIO x360 (convertible pc2); HP ZBOOK STUDIO ( blending of super-slim design and pro-grade performance ) etc.
  1. Components:
  • HP laptops come with good quality components. They use Intel or AMD processors. Many models are incorporated with quad core-processor to better the performance.
  • Also you can choose graphic solution with AMD Radeon, NVIDIA GeForce, Intel UHD, and Intel HD.
  • They provide screen sizes up to 22 inches. Most of the devices come with Full HD screens with anti-glare capability.
  1. Price: You can get HP stream at $200, Pavilion x360 2-in-1 at around $400. Gaming laptops with superb graphics and system and storage come at $2000.
  2. Customer service and support:
  • In customer service support, they do not stand out well. They provide supports through chat, phone and HP Support community. It takes lots of time to speak with representatives. Phone support is reviewed to be unhelpful. But they do stand out to be great when using web Medias. You can request help via Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, within the time limit 8am to 6pm EST.
  • They provide generally 1 year warranty. Depending on the models you buy, shipping cost may or may not be included.

Lenovo was founded in the year of 1984 in Beijing, China. This company is quite young compared to HP. Lenovo has operations in more than 60 countries and sells its products in around 160 counties. They sell wide range of products like Smart phones, Desktops, Notebooks, Servers, Tablet computers, Netbooks, Supercomputers, Printers, TVs, Storage devices etc. In the year of 2013, they proved their excellence in the market of Laptop manufacturing.

  1. Design:
  • Lenovo has strived to develop compact, lightweight, and streamlined models. You can also have convertible 2-in-1 model. These are easily portable, with high battery life.
  • The ThinkPad series laptops are great in terms of design and style.
  • Lenovo laptops are available in the color from Coral Red and Rose Pink to Midnight Blue, Liquid Blue and even Gold metallic.
  • Another one is Yoga series. These Yoga laptops are reviewed to be one of the most stylish models. They are highly functional with longevity.
  1. Monitor: Lenovo offers LED and infinity display including FHD edgeless displays. Lenovo has created portable USB-C monitor which is a way to extend the monitor screen. ThinkVision M14 comes with 14-inch IPS display, that weighs 1.3 pounds, and attaches to a laptop via USB-C.
  2. Variety of models: Lenovo makes laptop models keeping in mind different priorities- performance, portability, budget, innovative 2-in-1(combination of both laptop and tablet).
  • Businesses Laptop: ThinkPad laptops have set a standard as business world. These are 2-in-1 and provide you the tool from high end processing and graphics to cutting edge touchscreen technology, from pen support to epic battery life.
  • Gaming laptop: Lenovo has also developed their models for gaming purpose. Lenovo presents Legion Y series laptops. Enjoy gaming with more than 2 million pixels, rendered in FHD with refresh up to 144 Hz and brightness up to 300 nits with smooth and tear-free graphics. They come with fully-sized, backlit and high-response keyboard. They are easy to see and comfortable to use.
  • Convertible laptop: Lenovo Yoga laptop, tablets, 2-in-1 laptops- these are great models. They provide vibrant display and immersive audio.
  1. Components: Lenovo builds their laptops with great quality components. For example, Lenovo 320 comes with i5 7200U Intel core processor.
  • Intel is most commonly used microprocessor in Lenovo laptops. They have even used 6 core (hex-core) processors in their laptops. Other models use dual-core and quad-core processor. Lenovo’s Chromos laptops cone with MediaTek processor.
  • Lenovo laptops come with Intel HD graphics. Legion series come with NVIDIA GeForce graphics for extraordinary performance.
  • Lenovo use 3 or 4 cell battery for log lasting feature.
  1. Price: Entry level Lenovo laptops come at around $139.99. But if you go on higher level like gaming laptops, you have to spend around $2474 or more.
  2. Customer service and support:
  • Lenovo provide remarkable support for their customers. You can access their support through phone, online forum and FAQs on their website.
  • They generally offer 12-months or greater warranty period depending on the models you own. Also shipping cost is applicable according to the model.
  • HP vs Lenovo:
  1. Quality: HP provides superior sound and display quality, graphical interface compared to Lenovo. However, you can have Lenovo laptops with those qualities at higher price.
  2. Price: If you are looking for general laptops under low budget, with more or less same useful common features, then Lenovo is better than HP.
  3. Customer service: Definitely Lenovo provides much better service than HP. However, HP provides good support through online system.
  4. Gaming laptop: For gaming purpose, HP will be better option than Lenovo. They have wide range if variety in gaming laptops likes Omen, Pavilion etc.
  5. Business laptop: Lenovo will be better than HP in business market. Because Lenovo laptops are less costly, easier to use, lighter in weight and also better in battery life, than those of HPs.
  • Conclusion: Both HP and Lenovo laptops possess more or less same quality and provide alike features. I have discussed their features, quality, model and price. If you want very great quality laptop and do not mind to spend enough money, then go for HP. But if you are looking for a laptop which provides you needed useful features, under low price, then Lenovo will be better choice for you.




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