How to remove background of any image instantly using Clipping Magic

How to remove background of any image instantly using Clipping Magic?

Clipping Magic is an online photo editing tool that is designed to do only one thing: removing the background from photos.

Removing the background can be easily done in any Photoshop tool by professionals, even in their sleep. But given that most of the users are not professionals, and also given the high expense of Photoshop, they should be given a relaxed way.

Clipping Magic is an easy way out as it provides a simple way for us to remove backgrounds ourselves. The steps are quite simple- just identify the image whose background you want to erase, then click-and-drag that image to the Clipping Magic website and then follow the instructions on the screen.

It is an alpha product but is stable and efficient in doing the job it is designed for. It is an easy-to-use tool for achieving something that is difficult even with advanced Photoshop software.

This is an extremely simple application, both in terms of use and understanding. It is a pretty intelligent application with an excellent algorithm where just a few clicks are needed to remove the background from any type of image.

The application asks you to use the green and red brushes. The first brush is used to select that part of the picture which you want to retain, while the latter is used to select that part which is to be removed. The algorithm is powerful enough to understand the areas you selected and then removing the background of the picture accordingly.

Using Clipping Magic

  1. Sign-Up using your E-Mail ID:

Signing up will be helpful in reviewing the images you have uploaded. After completing the sign-up procedure, you’ll be able to drag and drop the images to upload them.

  1. Uploading images to clipping magic:

You can upload file to clipping magic in one of the two ways provided:

  1. Choose a file :

Click on the Choose File button and browse through files. Select the desired image and click Open.

  1. Drag and Drop:

Simply drag and drop the file on your computer onto the space provided on the screen.

After the image uploads, you will be directed to the editing area.

  1. Marking the foreground and background:

Clipping Magic tries to simplify a complex process that is, isolating a subject into something simple.

It achieves that with two markers, red and green.

Mark the area that you want to remove with the red marker and the subject of the image with the green marker.

Do not try to be overly precise with the boundaries of your subject. It is in fact, recommended otherwise.

This however, does not give you the liberty to go haywire with the boundaries of your subject.

You must stay well within the boundaries of your subject while marking for the best results.

  1. Using your highlights, Clipping Magic will guess the subject and background and remove the background from the image.
  2. Clipping Magic shows you the results in real-time in a separate window, so you can continue marking and re-marking until you get the desired result.
  3. You can resize the marker as per your convenience, the thicker marker for the broader areas and the thinner one around the edges and corners.

The Clipping Magic Toolbar:

Toggle between the red and green markers using the red and green buttons on the leftmost side of the toolbar.

You can unmark any area using the blue coloured eraser button placed right beside the green marker button on the leftmost tab of the toolbar.

To resize the marker use the dropdown box placed independently as a second tab on the toolbar.

You can choose the format of the clipping screen in the third tab.

You can undo and redo any action using the ‘undo’ and ‘redo’ buttons in the fourth tab.

The fifth tab has the zoom-in, zoom-out, and full screen buttons on it.

  1. Download or share your image:

After you’re done with clipping the background, you can either choose to download the image or share it with your friends with the shareable link provided.

Clipping Magic allows you to download the images in a .PNG type file extension.

  1. Our Experience with Clipping Magic:

The results will vary. I began by trying with a cartoon.

This one turned out to be pretty simple.

Finding and marking the outlines was a bit tricky but with the right use of the toolbar, the end product turned out to be just fine.

Next, I thought, I’d try something more natural. So I downloaded a photo of a bird on a rock and the end result looked quite like this.

Given the solid nature of the image and contrasting background, this one turned out to be a cakewalk.

So I decided to do a bit trickier one, without well-defined boundaries.

This image of a red-panda turned out to be a brain buster.

The fur looks fuzzy, and on zooming in we found out that the problem was clearly with the fur.

Clipping magic does not seem to work well with fur, probably because it is not so well defined. Also, the color of the mud is similar to that of the panda which makes things even more complicated for the magic to work.

To test this further I decided to try it on something with more solid boundaries and colours.

This image of an Ice-hockey goalkeeper turned out to be just the thing that brings the best out of clipping magic. Just with a few clicks, I could isolate the goalie from the goalpost, crowd, turf, and the advertisement hoarding. I forgot to mark his stick though but you get my point.

  1. Closing comments:

So what can we say decisively say about clipping magic? It works admirably well, if not perfectly which is more than you expect from an alpha app that makes a complex task simpler by using an algorithm, a simple toolbar, and real-time output and free downloading of your work, all for free.

However, since the application is still in its alpha stage, you need to be more careful while selecting the images because it takes some time to detect the colours. Also, take special care to mark all the parts of your subject to make sure that you don’t miss out on anything.

All in all, it is a perfect product for you if you’re not a professional and do not want to go through the troubles of learning to use Photoshop but still need to perform this task from time to time.

So here we are with a simple yet efficient way to remove background images. We hope this was useful for you and you had fun while editing your image.



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