How to fix Windows 10 Stuck with Airplane Mode On?

How to fix Windows 10 Stuck with Airplane Mode On?

No operating system is free of errors. After few updates came in windows 10 many users complained about the airplane mode not turning off in their laptops. Let’s see what best can be done to resolve your problem!

Many different issues were reported by the users. Some were unable to turn off the mode. It showed “function is unavailable” when they tried turning it off. Some users were unable to activate the wireless connections. Some reported their airplane mode is turning ON automatically again and again so their devices were unable to connect and work. Before knowing the steps to fix this error let us talk about airplane mode and understand it. 

Airplane mode

Airplane mode is an optional setting given in windows to switch off all the wireless communications in your system. As the name suggests, this feature is best useful when you are on the airplane. The communication channels include Internet, WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth, any near field communication and other wireless communication tools. To turn it OFF or ON open your Action center on windows by using Windows + A key. You will find airplane mode option there, click on it to turn it off/on.

         You can also go to the network icon present in the taskbar in the notification area. There also you have the option of airplane mode. Another way can be from settings. Open settings and find the network and internet icon. There you will find the airplane mode option. Click on the left side to turn on the airplane mode or click on right to turn off the mode. Close the settings after setting the mode.


Methods to fix the Airplane mode

Before trying the methods check whether there is any toggle switch present which have direct control to the wireless signal receiving. These switches were common in old laptops. If there is any such switch then if it is on or off. If there is no such switch then go through the below-mentioned switch.

1. Check shortcut keys

Try using shortcut keys to switch off the airplane. I know you must have tried it already but in case any of the users have not tried. Use shortcut keys present in the keyboard or the option present in the notification bar. Other than shortcut you can directly go to the settings and go to the network and internet setting. Check for airplane mode and turn it off from there.

2. Network Adapter settings

Follow the following steps to modify your settings.

Step 1: Press Windows + X key to open the menu and select the device manager. You can also search it with the help of Cortana. Maximize the device manager window.

Step 2: Go to the properties of the network adapters. A pop-up dialog box will appear from where you have to select the Power management option. You can see an option where you can turn off the device. Uncheck the box and click OK to save the setting. Refer to the picture to understand better how option looks like.

This option sometimes creates an issue to save power during low battery status of your device. Check if you can solve the issue.


3. Disabling and Enabling the Network connections.

This method you can try if you are unable to connect to your WiFi after disabling the airplane mode.

Click on the windows option in the taskbar. Go to the settings and select Network and Internet option. From there you will be directed to the WiFi section present on the left side. To the right side of WiFi settings find the change adapter option. Select the option and a window will pop on the screen. It will show your wireless connection, right-click on the option and disable it. After disabling your connection again right-click on it and enable it. Now check your ability to connect to the wireless connection and your airplane mode error is resolved or not. Check if the connection is properly active and functioning perfectly.

4. Disable NON-Microsoft Services

Few services can affect the airplane mode. Your task is now to disable the non-Microsoft services to fix the error. If you are aware of the programs then you can disable them directly or else you have to spend little more time figuring them out. Let’s see how we can do it in simple steps.

Step 1: Open your PC and launch the RUN window. You can do it directly by using shortcut Windows + R key. Then type msconfig in the space given in text box and hit enter.

Step 2: Select the service menu from the menu bar. You can see the option “Hide all Microsoft services”, click on the box present in front of the option. Disable all the files by selecting Disable all option and save the setting.

Step 3: After the above step go to the Startup tab and open the Task Manager. A new pop dialog will come from where you have to disable all the start-up items.

After performing the above steps you have to reboot your PC and enable the service again you have disabled now. You have to enable them one by one to check the problematic files that have resulted in airplane mode error. Once you can figure out the file disable it again.  


5. Re-install the Network Adapters

Many drivers can be problematic for various issues in Windows 10 after the new updates. Network adapters can also result in the Airplane mode error. To solve the issue we have to reinstall the network adapters. This method is also suggested for those who are facing problem in Bluetooth connections, microphone, ghost touch screen, etc. Use the driver troubleshooters to reinstall or update the network adapters. Install any Driver trouble-shooter and find the Network Adapter Drivers by scanning your System. Scan to find the problematic adapters. Re-install the network adapters for Windows 10.

To update the driver software of the adapter, open the device manager. Now go to the network adapter option and check the list. Select the wireless adapter and right-click on it. Select the update driver option. A new window will pop up with update details. Click on Search automatically for updated driver software. Your system will search for the updates online and confirm you with the updates. Close the window. Now check for the error whether it is resolved or not.  

Restart your PC after installing the adapters. I would suggest you to backup the drivers in case any of them crashes during this whole process.



6. Modify Windows 10 registry

Note: backup the registry before doing any changes so that if any problem occurs you can restore it.

Step 1: Open run window with Windows + R key. Type the word Regedit in the text box and hit enter.

Step 2: From the given path find RadioEnable: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Class

Step 3: Modify the value to 1 and then restart the PC.

Now check if the Airplane mode is turned off or not.

I hope the methods mentioned above were useful and helped you to fix the error. If still you cannot fix the Airplane mode error then consult to any technical person or take your PC to the service centers.



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