How To Fix Windows 10 Stuck in a Restart Loop?

How To Fix Windows 10 Stuck in a Restart Loop?

If your Windows 10 computer is stuck in a nonstop unending reboot circle problem after an Upgrade, a Windows Update or Reset or a Blue Screen, at that point this post gives you a few thoughts on the best way to manage the problem. Before your computer restarts, it might show any message; So if your Windows computer restarts all of a sudden and goes into a reboot circle here are a couple of things you could attempt. If you don’t mind experience the whole posts first and see which circumstance may concern you.

What Causes a Windows 10 Boot Loop?

A Windows 10 reboot circle can be disappointing to manage. In any case, what causes it? Commonly, the shortcoming can be followed to one of three things:

1. A Windows Update

2. An updated or new Windows driver

3. The installation of the new software (an app or game)

Something in the process goes amiss. The outcome is a computer that is trapped in an unbounded reboot circle. This is a problem that has tormented Windows for a considerable length of time.

Solution #1: Disable Automatic Restart

Stage 1. While restarting your computer ceaselessly press F8 until you get the Windows logo on the screen.

Stage 2. When the boot menu appears on the screen, discharge F8 and select Safe Mode.

Stage 3. At the point when Windows boot into Safe Mode, go to Search box and type "sysdm.cpl". Open sysdm.cpl from search results.


Stage 4. Presently, explore to "Advanced" tab and select "Settings" under "Start-up and Recovery".


Stage 5. Here you have to uncheck the "Automatically restart" checkbox. You may likewise need to check "Compose an event to the system log" if it’s not effectively checked. Click "OK" and again restart your computer.

This is the absolute first strategy you have to attempt at whatever point you stuck in the reboot circle. If this procedure won’t assist you with solving the Windows 10 restart circle, at that point evaluate the subsequent strategy.

Solution #2: Remove Bad Registry

Stage 1. Likewise, boot your PC to Safe Mode.

Stage 2. Open Run window, type "Regedit" to open Registry Editor and permit its client record control.

Stage 3. At that point, explore the accompanying way:


Stage 4. Output through the ProfileList IDs and expel any with ProfileImagePath found in it as it shouldn’t be there.

Stage 5. Leave Registry Editor.

Presently, reboot your computer from Windows 10. It may have fixed the Windows 10 consistent reboot problem.

Solution #3: Double Boot Windows System

If you have numerous adaptations of Windows installed on your computer, hang tight for the OS determination screen to appear. At the point when given the decision, rather than choosing Windows 10, pick Change defaults or pick different options. At that point pursue the means above to access Safe Mode.

Solution #4: Physically Access Safe Mode

Sometimes, you’ll have the option to access Safe Mode from inside Windows 10. This will be conceivable if the reboot circle is activated on the dispatch of a particular app or equipment associated.

Before the reboot is activated, you have three options to reboot Windows 10 in Safe Mode:

• Hold Shift at that point Start > Restart to boot Windows 10 into Advanced startup options.

• You may likewise open Settings (press WIN + I) at that point Update and Security > Recovery > Advanced startup > Restart now.

• In a raised Command Prompt (search cmd in the Start menu, at that point, right-click and select Run as administrator) enter shutdown/r/o to reboot the computer into the Advanced Boot Options.

As noted, you might not have long to include your command. The principal option is most likely the speediest.

Solution #5: Fix Driver Issues

There are reports that Windows 10 clashes with AMD graphics. On the off chance that your Windows 10 stuck in restart circle, that may be brought about by the obsolete driver issues. Simply have a take a stab at fixing the graphics drivers.

You can utilize an expert driver utility for checking and fixing driver problems. It will repair the driver on the off chance that it is tainted or harmed, install the best-coordinated driver if it is missing, and update to the most recent driver on the off chance that it is obsolete.

Solution #6: Use Windows 10 Boot Loop Automatic Repair

Windows 10 boot circle automatic repair can appear after a few times boot disappointment. What’s more, from that point you can do some protect for Windows 10 reboot circle. If it’s not too much trouble attempt the followings:

Stage 1. Power off the PC and afterward power it on. When you see the pivoting stacking circle, press and hold the Power button to stop it.

Stage 2. Rehash this procedure a couple of times until you see the "Getting ready Automatic Repair" screen.

Stage 3. In the wake of "Diagnosing your PC" interface, you will see the "Automatic Repair" screen. Here you have to choose "Advanced options".

Stage 4. Select "Troubleshoot" – > "Advanced Options" where you get numerous decisions.

Stage 5. Select "Command Prompt" and continue running the accompanying command lines:

• c: (Note that your system drive might be extraordinary. You should make sense of it independent from anyone else by review the registry.)

At the point when you return to "Pick an option", click "Continue (exit and continue to Windows 10)" and check whether Windows 10 persistent reboot closes.

Solution #7: Make Startup Repair

Since Windows 10 continues restarting, it is difficult for you to access "Advanced Options" where you can fix the problem. For this situation, you can boot from a USB or DVD.

You will require the assistance of Windows 10 Bootable Media. It would be ideal if you go to certain PCs associated with the web and make a bootable media utilizing Media Creation Tool. When you’re prepared with the Bootable Media, pursue the underneath referenced advances.

Stage 1. Addition the Windows installation plate or associate the USB media to your PC and afterward start the computer.

Stage 2. Press a key when you are prompted to boot from CD or DVD.

Stage 3. At the point when you see the Windows 10 install window, select a language, and click "Next".

Stage 4. Click Repair your computer.

Stage 5. Select the operating system that you need to repair, and you will be to Troubleshoot.

Stage 6. Presently pursue this way: Troubleshoot – > Advanced options – > Startup Repair.

Stage 7. Pick a target operating system and afterward Windows will start diagnosing your system. On the off chance that any problem is identified, Startup Repair will endeavor to fix Windows 10 reboot circle.

On the off chance that Startup Repair doesn’t fix the issue, you can go to "Command Prompt" under "Advanced options" and run the accompanying command:

• Type "Bootrec/RebuildBcd" and afterward press Enter.

• Exit Command Prompt and restart Windows 10.

You can attempt these strategies even in different forms of Windows working systems if you face continues rebooting issues on them.


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