How to fix razer synapse not responding

How to fix “Razer Synapse not responding”?

What is Razer Synapse?

The software of Razer’s hardware configuration is called Synapse and Razer Synapse is unified configuration software. You can set macros and can configure all of your devices. These settings are automatically saved to the cloud that’s why if you have to load all of your personal settings then you just have to log in to the Synapse software.

Features of Razer Synapse

I have mentioned earlier that you can set macros and these settings are saved to the cloud so that you can access anytime. Besides from this feature there are many other features as well.

  • It has the ability to adjust DPI, report rate, RGB and headphones volume.
  • It can do surface tuning for your mouse.
  • Synapse can record your statistics such as keystrokes, number of clicks, mouse distance travelled and so on.
  • For creating and storing custom settings profiles for all of your devices, Razer Synapse is an essential tool for it.

All of your Razer devices such as Razer mouse, Razer keyboard etc are managed by this software but some users have been facing that the Razer Synapse not working. You must be wondering how to solve this problem? I will give you some guidelines and you will be able to solving these various problems –

  • Razer Synapse won’t open
  • Razer Synapse not working
  • Razer Synapse not responding
  • Razer Synapse network not available

The ways of how to fix Razer Synapse not responding

1. Uninstall and Reinstall the Razer devices

At first you have to download Razer Synapse drivers and then install it on your computer. Ensure that on your system you are not logged into the Administrator account. Follow the below steps carefully.

Step 1:

Open up a Run dialog box by pressing Windows Key+R, then type “devmgmt.msc” and press Enter.

Step 2:

You need to expand the Human Interface Devices as well as Mice and other pointing devices from the presented list of menu option.

Step 3:

Uninstall all the Razer devices which you would see here and uninstall all the devices by right click on them one by one.

Step 4:

Search the apps and features option and you can see the Razer Synapse app, and then uninstall it.

Step 5:

Unplug all of the connected Razer devices from your computer and wait for 10 minutes. Now plug again all of your Razer devices back on to your computer.

Step 6:

Windows automatically installed all the drivers and Razer Synapse also. Launch the Razer Synapse app from the main menu and the app will work properly again on your system.

2. Remove Antivirus or Security tool from computer

Antivirus or Security tools sometimes stops Razer Synapse drivers on your computer. You can easily fix this problem by disabling the Antivirus and security tools and then launching the Razer Synapse on your PC.

3. Update and download the latest drivers from Driver Easy

Step 1:

Download the setup file from the official website of Driver Easy and install it on your computer.

Step 2:

Run the tool on your PC and you can see the Scan now button. This tool will scan all the drivers.

Step 3:

After the scanning process, you can see an update button at the left sidebar and by clicking on this all of the affected and out-dated drivers will be updated on your computer.

Step 4:

After updating all the drivers you can reboot your Windows system. Hopefully Razer Synapse will work properly on your Windows.

4. Disable the Razer Surround

Step 1:

Delete old files and try to uninstall Synapse.

Step 2:

Download and install the Razer Synapse software. Then connect Synapse to the internet.

Step 3:

When setup is done two notifications will appear that are – Razer Surround and Synapse Update.

Step 4:

Do not update the Razer Surround. If you see Synapse Update after it, then update it and restart your computer.

5. Download latest Microsoft .NET Framework

Uninstall and again reinstall the latest Microsoft .NET framework. After that, reboot your computer. This method sometimes works successfully.

6. Check compatibility issues

Due to some compatibility issues the Razer Synapse gives problems that may appear on your Windows 7/8/10.

For Windows 8 do this.

Open the Synapse properties and go for the compatibility option and then the program with Windows 7.

For Windows 7, do the same steps as administrator.

This procedure is very helpful. Do it as soon as possible and fix the problem.

7. Clean boot

Many fixes problem can be solved just by a simple clean boot. To clean boot follow the below steps.

Step 1:

At first open the Start menu and then type “msconfig” in the search box.

Step 2:

In the General tab you can see the Selective Startup option and click on it.

Step 3:

Uncheck the checkboxes which having the option Load Startup items.

Step 4:

After that, click on the Services tab and at the bottom select the Hide all Microsoft Services checkbox.

Step 5:

Click on the option Disable all and then press OK.

8. Update Windows

Sometimes updating Windows can solve all of your problems and improve the overall performance and stability of your system.

To update your Windows follow these given steps –

Step 1:

Open the Control Panel in your Windows and then go to System and Security.

Step 2:

After that, go to the section of Windows Updates and open it.

Step 3:

Then you will see an option of Check for Updates and click on it and let Windows install the available updates.


In this article, I’m trying to give you all the best fix processes so that you can fix the problem of Razer Synapse not responding. Follow the methods properly and I’m sure that you can use the Razer devices smoothly. One thing I am always say that please follow the steps carefully otherwise it will not working anymore. So you have found a solution to your problem? Try it fast.


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