Hi, there LG smart phone users. This article is solely dedicated to you guys. Today we are going to talk about one of the filthiest issues found in any prestigious smart phone manufacturer’s product. Yes, Bootup Loop has been that painful chunk of many LG users’ life. So, let’s have a close look at it.


What is Bootup:

Boot Loop has an origin with word Boot. As, many users already know what booting means. I know it’s natural that some naives would find it difficult to grasp. But let me ensure that anyone reading this will get a clarified idea. So, Boot for any computer system being mobile or pc means the process to start it.

When you switch on the system, the power is supplied to the CPU. The CPU starts generating clock signals. Now any system has its own instruction set that tells the CPU what to process next. BIOS component in motherboard takes care of some initial instructions. BIOS stores POST (Power On self Test) which tests necessary components and initializes RAM. POST looks for many hardware components from battery to video-cards and sound-cards to camera. It also checks if wired connections between all the devices are proper or not. If all the conditions are satisfied it’ll go for the next step.

Now BIOS will looks for CMOS chip to find the loaded OS (Operating System). The OS is stored typically in your system’s hard drive. BIOS loads OS in RAM and you can finally see your app icons popping up on screen. The Boot period lies between Power initialization – (typically when find your manufacturer’s name and ANDROID written on screen) and when your GUI OS screen loads itself.

So, till now we have seen what Bootup is. In short bootup is process when system clears and reinitializes your RAM and checks for hardware issues if any.


Next one is loop. Bootup Loop is a state of phone being hung while restarting. So, what happens is your device tries to find some drivers or components and ends up failing. This is because some of software issues or some wire connections are loose. So, system keeps repeating the same, stops at the same point and attempts again. So, basically your device is stuck into an infinite search of something which it can’t find practically.

What is the cause of Bootup Loop:

After having some really lengthy discussion about Booting, Let’s quickly jump into the LG BOOTUP issues. We will try to check the complete history of LG bootup problems. So, let’s start:

download (3).jpg

Back somewhere in early 2014 when LG launched G3, a sensation of its time; some users found some lethal issues in sparking smart phones. People discovered that these devices contained some serious manufacturing defects which caused them become stuck in a loop to reboot themselves. This made them totally unstable or inoperable. As, these models fell into some really costly products in the era; users felt unsatisfied.

Many users noted that right after updating their phones from Android 5.0 (Lollypop) to Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) they started facing the issues. Some of them also faced issues first in LTE connections and latter charging the phone led to unknown loop of restarting.

The problems started looking even worse when new launched LG G4, Nexus V5 also continued the disgraceful legacy of their predecessor. LG G4 became the main culprit to put the matter open to media. Things went so wrong that LG had to release an official note that “loose contact between the components” is the cause. Although, many Geeks didn’t agree to this at all and accounted LG’s poor OS and untested buggy software the real offenders. In March, 2017 an action lawsuit was filed against LG for their awful handling of these issues.


In very early period LG declined accepting these devices under warranty criteria, but finally started replacing phones as “highest standards of product quality and customer services”.

Yet, it might not only be LG’s mistakes. There are high possibilities that you yourself might have created some issues. Some much known ones are soft-bricking and rooting. Many users especially Rooting the device or trying to update the OS land right into these problems. Deleting the system firm wares might also lead into boot puzzle. Once your device is soft-bricked it might still be possible to recover from it. We’ll see that next.

How to fix a Bootup Loop:

After having some extensive details about the origin and causes of BootLoop we’ll jump into solution part. We will try our level best to bring your phone back to life.

Boot Loop may be the cause of faulty manufacture from company itself. Or maybe you deleted some necessary firmware accidently. Don’t worry anyhow now your device is in soft brick mode and can recover the damage.

But, if you can’t find the booting symbol on your screen; chances are that your phone is hard bricked. This leaves you with only slight chances of recovery. In this case we recommend you to visit nearest LG service centre.

Steps to fix BOOTUP manually:

  1. Go to official LG website ( and download LG pc suit. Also, don’t forget to download the USB drivers along with it.

images (1).jpg

  1. Now switch your device off. Long press Power + Volume UP button to boot into Download mode.
  2. Connect your phone to your PC with data cable.
  3. Open LG suit.
  4. Select Repair option.
  5. Keep following the steps which are suggested on the screen.

This may fix your boot loop problem and repair your device. Now once you have unbricked the phone check if all the necessary functions are working fine. If yes, kudos you have made it. Thanks for scrolling.

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