How to fix Hamachi service stopped on Windows 10, 8, 7.

How to fix Hamachi service stopped on Windows 10, 8, 7.

Many users use VPN service for various purposes. Many VPN services assure private and safe connections to the users. LogMeIn Hamachi is a VPN service which is used for gaming, downloading, web browsing, etc. It is a paid service and offers free trial also to users.

Hamachi VPN service offers many fascinating features like Management of networks, on-demand networking, centralized software development, unattended access, etc. Lately, many users reported “Hamachi service stopped” error in Windows 10, Windows 7 and Windows 8 operating system. Few users reboot their device and were able to fix it for that time but faced the error again after few days. What caused this issue? Let’s check the possibilities

  • A VPN service has to deal with windows network system which needs administrative permission. A main reason behind stopping the service could be lack of permission from the admin. 
  • A VON service needs proper network configuration when it is used for the first time. Any mistake in primary setup while launching can raise the issue. 
  • In windows 10, services are dependent on windows management service which is used to prevent any mismanagement amongst other services. You need to ensure if this service is running or not.
  • There are many third-party antivirus which have strict policies against VPN services to ensure security of the system. These policies are for those VPN who neither are nor secure. The software of antivirus interferes while running the VPN service to safeguard the system.

Methods to fix Hamachi service stopped error

1) Hamachi as administrator– this task is very easy to perform. Users should try this out before going to any complicated solution. Run the Hamachi application as administrator. How? Search for the icon on the desktop or the installed program in windows folder, right-click on it and select run as administrator from the menu. You may be asked for a password for security purpose. Now right click on LogMeln hamachi.exe file and open its properties. Go to the compatibility tab and view the launch option. This step is to ensure that the service runs with administrative power. How to ensure? You can see the checkbox called “run this program as an administrator” this box should be ticked. After this you can try using hamachi VPN service and check if the issue is resolved or not. 


2) Enable windows management service– windows management service should always run to ensure proper execution of the services. Follow the below-given steps to enable windows management instrumentation service.

S1. Press Windows + X to open the menu and select the run option. You can open it directly by pressing Windows key + R. After this you can see a pop-up box where you have to type services.msc in the given space and hit OK. 

S2. A list of all the services installed in the system will appear in the service window. Here you can check whether the services are enabled or disabled. Here you have look for “windows management instrumentation” service. Right-click on it and select properties.

S3. In properties, the service status should be “running” and start-up type should be selected as “automatic”. If any of the things are missing then got to the option, select the desired option.

S4. If service stops, click the start option and wait until the service starts again.

S5. You can now see the options changed. Simply click on apply option to save the settings.

You can now go back to VPN and checking if this method worked out or not.


3) Tweak WMI service settings– many times windows management instrumentation is configured incorrectly which cause problem in launching VPN. To fix this you need to reset the setting of WMI to default. Follow the below steps to reset the setting.

S1. Open the command prompt window, run it as administrator and select “yes” in the user account control.

S2. In the command prompt window type “*sc config Hamachi2Svc depend= Winmgmt/LanmanWorkstation* and press enter key. 

S3. When the command is executed, restart your system and check the Hamachi VPN.

4) Hamachi permission management- to ensure proper operation and working of networks we need grant of certain permissions like “read and execute” permission. This permission will allow any application to first read the data and then execute the operation. We can fix this in a few steps.

S1. Go to the default installation directory of hamachi. It should be “C:\program files(x86)\LogMeln Hamachi”. It may appear different if you have made some changes at the time of installation.

S2. Right-click on the hamachi.exe and select properties. In this window open the security tab to view permission management. 

S3. Go to the group or user and select the “users” option.

S4. You can check here if read and execute permission is granted or not. If not granted click the edit option and change the setting. After changing, click on apply to modify the settings. 

After following the steps you can reboot the hamachi service and check if it is working properly.


5) Third-party antivirus software– As mentioned above, there are many third-party antivirus which have strict policies against VPN services to ensure security of the system. These policies are for those VPN who neither are nor secure. The software of antivirus interferes while running the VPN service to safeguard the system. To resolve this you can add Hamachi as an exclusion which will prevent software from scanning and may resolve the issue. If it fails you have to disable the antivirus when you are using Hamachi VPN.

           Some people worry about the safety of the system and don’t try this step. You don’t have to be worried because windows defender in Windows 10 protects the system from any kind of virus attack for the time being. Windows defender is powerful and is similar to other antivirus programs. If you don’t want to disable then install any other antivirus which don’t restrict VPN.

6) Reset login Hamachi service– we cannot blame the system completely for error. There may be some issue in the Hamachi service. You have set the service status to default to resolve if the problem is from their end. Steps to change setting to default are:

S1. Open the Run window by pressing Windows key + R. Type services.msc in the command window and click ok. 

S2. When the window opens look for LogMeIn Hamachi service. Once you find it right click and open the properties of hamachi. 

S3. The start-up type should be set as automatic and current service status should be running. If not set then click on the option to edit.

S4. After setting and checking the parameters, click on the log on tab where you can find an option “local system account”.

S5. After selecting this option check whether “allow services to interact with desktop” option is checked. This is done to allow the hamachi service log as a local system account at the time of boot. This method may resolve your problem. Refresh the system and open the Hamachi VPN and check if the issue is resolved or not. 

These were the few methods which are easy to implement to fix hamachi service stopped error. I would recommend you to perform the above methods slowly step by step.




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