Hidden google games

Hidden Google games


Are you feeling bored doing your office work for the long period continuously? or do you want to get into some chill mood? Then you will feel amazed if you read this article.

Because you’ll get to know some crazy things developed by Google to make you crazy for some time and will push you back to your childhood days. Interesting right?

But, you are wrong if you just think that we can find Google’s sense of humor only at Easter eggs and Google Doodles. Because Google also created some games about which most of us don’t know.

Yeah! Believe me, you can play these Google hidden games for hours if you also want to be crazy for some time.

And the interesting thing is that you won’t require installing any extra software / apps to play all these games. And you don’t need to wait for long time as we usually wait to play another games. These games work with most of the browsers and most of the devices.

Well, without wasting any more time, Let me reveal about the hidden Google games for you!!


  • Atari Breakout
  • The T-rex Game
  • Tic Tac Toe
  • Zerg rush
  • Pac Man
  • Google Sky
  • Smarty Pins
  • Solitaire
  • Google Guitar
  • Google Gravity
  1. Atari Breakout

To start the atari breakout game, go to the Google and type "atari breakout" in search bar. Then click on the first link which says PlayGoogle AtariBreakout – elgooG .Then some regular images will load briefly, before your screen transforms to “Image Breakout”. The game will gets open now.

At first you’ll be given five balls and then you should break all the rectangle shaped boxes with those five balls. You’ll lose a ball when the ball touches the bottom of the screen.

That’s it now you can start playing Atari Breakout game and share your score on the comments below

Screenshot (230).png

2) T-rex Game

Most of us will not keep our computer aside right even when there is no internet connectivity available. We don’t get anything if we sit idle. So, just click on that Dino which says No internet when you search for something on the Google Chrome.

Now press the space button on your keyboard to begin the game and press the space button whenever you see an obstacle often we will get cactus.

That’s it have fun until you get your internet connection gets back.

Of course you can also play this online, just type T-Rex game online then click on the first link T-Rex Game, then you can play this game and have fun when you have internet connection available.

Screenshot (248).png

3) Tic Tac Toe

Here is the game we used to play in our childhood for hours, It will be awesome right if we play Tic Tac Toe again, but this time with computer as our friend.

Yeah, Search for Tic Tac Toe on your browser and click on the first link that’ it you can play Tic Tac Toe with computer.

Show Thumbs up to your computer and have fun

Screenshot (249).png

4. Zerg rush

It is a cool game opens when you enter “Zerg rush” on your search bar.

Then Google OS will destroy all your Search results but you can eliminate that bubbles with mouse clicks on them.

Have fun and don’t let Google OS destroy your search results.

Simply compete with Google OS for some time…LOL

Screenshot (252).png5. Pac Man

Pac Man is one of the most famous arcade games of all time.

To play this all time favorite game, just type “Pac Man” on search bar then click on play the game. Use the arrow keys to direct Pac Man around the maze to avoid the ghosts and eat all the fruits you find.

Screenshot (240).png

6. Google Sky

Google Sky is not like a game but you can enjoy learning some solar system related stuff. It allows you to explore the outer space which can’t do for real . This Google Sky offers huge amount of resources including images from NASA, Hubble and you can find lot of information related to celestial objects, planets and many more.

You can get into this virtual outer world by just typing “Google Sky” on the search bar and after getting search results click on the first link to get the “Google Sky”

Screenshot (254).png

7. Smarty Pins

Smarty pins is an another Google’s hidden game that entertains us as well as it educates us by asking some Geographical questions.

You need to answer the questions using Map. That is you need to point answer location using Smarty map pin.

That’s it, isn’t it cool to test our Geographical Knowledge and also entertains us.

To start this game type Smarty pin with Google on search bar then select a category to filter the type of questions you would like to answer. When the game loads, you’ll see the question on left.
Now, Grab the pin and drag it to the correct location on the map.

Click on the “submit Answer” button. Now if you submit answer within 15 seconds you get bonus, after 15 seconds a hint will appear under your question.

Keep answering questions until you win or until you use all of your miles.


8. Solitaire

Solitaire is the another addictive hidden Google game. The same game which we often see on Microsoft Solitaire collection spider game. You need to have lot of patience because it is bit hard to play.

To access this game Type “Solitaire” on Google and click on the play button there. And try to finish the game as soon as possible

Screenshot (234).png

9. Google Guitar

Google Guitar is an interesting game for a music enthusiastic. Use the cursor moves or clicks and press the keyboard to play your own sound.

For this game, directly you need to navigate to Google Guitar on Google .

Screenshot (256).png

10. Google Gravity

When you type Google Gravity on the searchbar. After typing process completed then click on the second link to play game. Then you can see every single element on our page comes down as if gravity is pulling down them to the bottom.

Screenshot (257).png

You can find all the Google Hidden games at https://elgoog.im/search/ or type Google Tricks List and click on the first link then you’ll be getting a mirror image words and there choose the games to play by clicking on the left or right arrows. There you’ll also find some more hidden games like Snake game, Google Mirror, Underwater and lot more.

Hope you liked this article and now you can have fun playing all the above mentioned Google hidden games without downloading any extra software/ apps to play.

Finally feel free to share your score and opinion on this article

Name: Kavya Thirumala

Email: [email protected]

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