Fix for WDFVIOLATION Blue Screen Error on Windows 10 HP Devices

Fix for WDF_VIOLATION Blue Screen Error on Windows 10 HP Devices

Have you ever experienced this error when it says “your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart”, then you are not alone. These often occur in Windows 8 and later especially in HP devices sporting Windows 10 and there are some methods to fix this, lets get through it.



It is a type of violation in the Windows Driver Framework which in Windows 10 usually indicates that Windows found an error in a framework-based driver. It is generally called a “ blue screen of death” as the dialogue is displayed in a blue screen. It is less likely to be a hardware based error and mostly due to the outdated drivers, I was once experiencing such a BSOD error for quite a while and then I have personally tried the first method below and it worked out for me, I hope it works for most of you guys. Here are the simple methods to fix this bug.

  1. Using command prompt

This error may be caused by a faulty HP keyboard driver HpqKbFiltr.sys (version which is found to be incompatible with some recent builds of Windows 10. If you are device falls under this category, then this fix might work for you.

  1. Restart your computer
  2. Press F11 key repeatedly until it shows some blue screen setup
  3. Click troubleshoot option shown there


  1. Click advanced options
  2. Click command prompt(A command prompt window should open) and

then type C: in the command prompt

  1. Then type the following command

cd c:\Windows\System32\drivers , and then press enter

  1. When it is changed to the desired path, type

ren HpqKbFiltr.sys HpqKbFiltr.sys.bak, and then press enter.

  1. Close the command prompt window.
  2. Now, click Continue

Now your blue screen issue should be probably fixed, if not, then follow the next method.

2. Update your drivers


Usually, some of your drivers may not be up to date and this also leads to such blue screen errors. So, updating all your drivers manually or through some third-party applications will not only fix the problem but also makes a huge difference in the performance of your device.

  1. Manual update

You can do this by manually search for the respective software publisher for possible updates that suit you the best. If you are not such a geek, then never mind, there is an alternative way of doing it

  1. Automatic update

If you feel it is a little overwhelming to do it manually, then there are simple yet efficient third-party applications which does the job for you. There are a ton of apps like Drive easy, Driver Toolkit, C-cleaner, etc…

This will automatically detect the outdated drivers and gives you the download link for the same, these are mostly paid services and has a trial version for a limited period which you can make use of. There are also some free counterparts available on the web in which some of those from unknown publishers might have a potentially harmful malware in it, so it would be better to have an antivirus before installing such freeware.

  1. Opt for a complete virus scan.

This problem might be due to some harmful virus in your system for which a checkup is vital. If the antivirus of your choice is not trustworthy, then there is no point of using it. So, carefully select your software and avoid downloading from unknown sources that boast of a free software solution. If it feels hefty to do all this stuff, then just uninstall the unwanted programs on your system that you feel is unwanted for you.

  1. Fix Registry and use Disk cleanup.


This may be unheard, but the corrupted registry entries can be a root cause for this issue and this should be given serious care. To fix these sort of registry issues, you can use CCleaner or similar software to make your work easy(note: you must fix 0X10D related registries). then you can cleanup your windows by disk cleanup. To do so you need to follow these steps

  1. Go to This PC.
  2. Select Local Disc C.
  3. From top navigation bar, click on manage, then cleanup.
  4. This should probably fix this blue screen error.

It is better to restart your computer after this to make sure the work is done.

5. Reset or Refresh your system.

If none of these things worked out for you, then go for the traditional way of doing it. You can either reset or refresh your system. Refreshing your system will not completely wipe out your data, instead, it removes any recent updates and some applications you’ve installed previously.

But I strongly insist you to make a backup of your important files on your system to avoid some unpredictable losses.

To to this you should go to your PC settings and search for restore and refresh. When you select refresh, it shows you the list of programs that will be removed after this process. If you have previously made a restore point then it will go back to that state of your PC if you need that. After reading all the instructions carefully and having done a backup of important files, proceed to click the OK or confirm button on your own risk. Now your system should work as it was on its factory version.

So, what is this all about?

These are some of the fixes or solutions for this BSOD error. I hope it was helpful for you guys. If you are using an activated version of an original copy of Windows, then the security patches provided by Microsoft should solve your problem and it is as simple as that. Though this particular error is found in quite a few devices, it is investigated that a faulty keyboard driver for some patches is solely responsible for the error and there are a ton of prefixed patches available in the hp and XDA forums.



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