Best Chrome Extensions for Instagram Lovers


Best Chrome Extensions for Instagram Lovers

Instagram, one of the most popular social networking applications trending currently, takes up a chunk of an average internet user’s time everyday. Whether it’s fashion blogging, food blogging, modelling or product promotion for business, this image-based application provides an opportunity for every venture.

Instagram was initially launched as an i-phone only application so it’s primarily a mobile app. Although now it can be accessed from a computer browser, many of its features are found missing from its web interface when accessed from a PC or laptop. To solve this problem, chrome provides us with a ton of brilliant extensions that add many cool features to our favourite social media application and is quite literally a lifesaver for us Instagram lovers!

The chrome extensions are programs that can be installed into chrome to enhance the browsers functionality by adding new features or modifying the existing ones. These extensions provide a better, customized browsing experience for the user. Whether it’s downloading photos from Instagram or viewing your friend’s story, now do it with ease using these excellent extensions. Below are some of the best chrome extensions that you should definitely check out for a better, hassle-free in-browse Instagram experience.

instagram_for_chrome_1.jpg1. Instagram for Chrome:

Developer 64 pixels offers a series of chrome extensions which let you browse major social media networks, Instagram being one of them. Now you don’t have to check your phone every now and then, your Instagram feed is just a click away.

Once you install the extension, you will find a little Instagram icon next to the address bar. Clicking on it instantly takes you to your Instagram feed. Instagram for chrome provides all the key features that you need for your daily dose of Instagramming. You can scroll your feed, like and comment on photos, keep a tab on your notifications- everything in your browser. However, it doesn’t let you post on Instagram due to restrictions on Instagram’s API. Nonetheless, Instagram for chrome is an excellent extension. One easy installation and the world of Instagram lies unlocked in your web browser.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab it right away!

instagram_download_button__3.jpg2. Instagram Download Button:

Ever came across a wonderful piece of art while browsing Instagram and wanted to save it for later? Or stumbled upon a picture of the Alps that could make a pretty wallpaper? The Instagram download button has come to your rescue. Personally, I love this extension and highly recommend using it. Now, in just one click, I can save all those cute dog photos and product images that I might buy later. This extension puts a small download button next to the like button on each photo in your Instagram feed.

You can, however, only download images from your feed and not from a particular user’s profile by going to their page. This is a really easy to use tool and comes in handy while browsing. So from now on, download your favourite pictures without any trouble.

index.jpg3. Hover Zoom:

Now enlarge photos on Instagram simply by hovering your mouse over the image, without actually clicking on it. This extension allows you to zoom in to a photo on your feed or on any particular profile by hovering over it. The enlarged photo opens up right there, overlaid over the page. Thus, Hover Zoom helps you to quickly browse through a profile and get a detailed view of the photos. All this while, you don’t even have to leave that page or individually click on every photo. Hence, the extension is quite helpful.

instatwit.jpg4. InstaTwit:

InstaTwit, as the name suggests, combines Instagram and Twitter for a better browsing experience. When we receive a tweet of an image or a video shared in Instagram, all we can see is the link. Ever felt annoyed for having to open Instagram every time to see the post and wondered why can’t you just see it on twitter? Well, InstaTwit has the perfect solution to that.

Using this extension, you can see all the Instagram images and videos on your twitter timeline, just like the Twitter’s default image service. Whenever you receive a link, click on ‘expand’ and you can view the full image from Instagram on twitter. You can also view how many likes and comments the image has received without leaving twitter. InstaTwit provides a really cool feature and is a must-have extension for all Instagram and Twitter lovers.

5. Insta++:

If you’re a fan of shortcut keys, you will love this extension. Insta++ is a simple extension which allows you to use keyboard shortcuts while browsing on Instagram. Pressing ‘J’ takes you to the next image while ‘K’ takes you to the previous image. Press ‘L’ to like the current picture and ‘M’ to load more photos. It is quite easy to use and helps you to quickly navigate through the application. Thus, Insta++ will help you to speed up your browsing process without much complication.

extension 2 cursorless.png6. Grammarly:

Caption plays an important role when you are trying to maintain a popular Instagram handle. The number of likes and comments on your photo depends on how you caption it. Sometimes a good caption catches more eyes than the picture itself. Whether it’s product promotion or an aesthetically candid photograph, the essence of your picture lies in your caption that can totally be ruined by silly grammatical mistakes. But with Grammarly, you don’t need to worry about that.

Grammarly is a chrome extension that can detect any spelling or grammatical error. It can also check the context and pick up any usage of wrong word. Nowadays, Instagram is the hub for artists, writers and storytellers to showcase their talent. For a content creator, it is important to stick to proper English and you can achieve that with Grammarly. This awesome tool can detect and correct over 250 grammatical mistakes. If you’re a social media marketer, this extension is the one for you. With Grammarly, you can now avoid making embarrassing mistakes that could’ve hampered your business.

So now, say goodbye to Googling every complicated word to check the spelling as Grammarly saves the day.

instagram-night-mode-featured-800x400.png7. Night Mode for Instagram:

Many of us are fond of the various windows 10 dark themes that are very popular nowadays. So why not use night mode for Instagram as well! This chrome extension allows you to view Instagram web in dark blue colours. It gives quite an amazing, dark look to the web interface and is also soothing for your eyes.

So ready for a ‘darker’ experience? One easy installation and get your dark-themed Instagram feed right now!

These are some of the chrome extensions that I think Instagram users will surely love. As a fellow Instagram lover, I recommend using Instagram download button, Hover Zoom and Insta++ as I found them really useful and easy to handle. Also, Grammarly is an essential tool when you are writing elaborate captions.

Instagram isn’t just limited to viewing your friend’s story anymore. You do business, promote your content be it literary or artistic, create your personal blog, come across potential buyers and sellers- this image-based application serves many a purpose. Browsing Instagram in web can be tricky sometimes. But thankfully for these wonderful extensions, it’s not a hassle anymore. Hope this article helps you in gaining a better browsing experience. Happy Instagramming!


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